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Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau
01/10/2009 - By Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau

Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau

Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau
2301 S. Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, IL 60616
CCTB Vision
Chicago will be the top global destination.
CCTB Mission
The Chicago Convention & Tourism Bureau is the premier sales and marketing organization that promotes Chicago’s world-class assets to global leisure travel and convention business to ensure the economic vitality of the City and its member business community.
CCTB History
Chicago has a long and illustrious history as a convention and meeting site. The area's first recorded convention dates back to 1847, when the U.S. River and Harbor convention met to discuss the St. Lawrence River. By 1907, the city was beginning to establish itself as a world-class attraction, and the Chicago Association of Commerce moved to establish a local business committee charged with the responsibility of attracting conventions to the growing downtown area.
In 1943, the Chicago Convention and Visitors Bureau was founded to serve as Chicago's primary sales agent for conventions and trade shows of all types and sizes.
In 1970, the Bureau merged with the Tourism Council of Greater Chicago to form the Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau.
In 1980, the Metropolitan Fair and Exposition Authority - owners and managers of McCormick Place - determined that the CCTB was the best qualified organization to serve as the principal sales agent for McCormick Place. The Bureau moved its offices to McCormick Place at the end of 1980.
In 1989, under the leadership of Governor James Thompson, the Metropolitan Fair and Exposition Authority assumed total responsibility for Navy Pier, thus the Authority was renamed the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority (MPEA).
Acting under the agreement still in effect today, the Bureau plays a crucial role in enhancing the economic fabric of the Chicagoland community by selling and promoting the city and its facilities as the ideal destination for visitors of all types.
CCTB Impact
Visitors spend billions of dollars each year in metropolitan Chicago. This income spurs new business, which means new jobs for the area and economic growth for the region, benefiting everyone.
Located in the center of the U.S., Chicago's size, transportation options, lively hospitality industry and unparalleled meeting and exhibition facilities make Chicago the premier choice for group meetings of any type or size.
The CCTB is neither a branch of any government nor a charitable foundation. It is an independent not-for-profit organization, which receives its funding from several sources, including:
• A percentage of Chicago's hotel/motel tax
• State of Illinois grant monies for development of local conventions and tourism
• Membership dues from local hospitality-related businesses
• Grant money from the MPEA
The CCTB considers its members to be its greatest asset. The Bureau's membership provides products, services and expertise vital to the Bureau's role as a liaison to the convention and tourism industries.
The CCTB boasts one of the largest membership bases (1,200) of any convention bureau in the nation. Membership in the CCTB provides a recognizable endorsement sought by meeting planners and also provides direct marketing opportunities to key buyers and decision-makers.
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